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EMA—We are not your typical “Insurance Agents”… We are “Problem Solvers and Providers of Cost Effective Solutions”!

If you have a problem:

  • We have the experience to solve it.
  • We are on site to manage your claims and reduce your costs.
  • We cannot stress enough the importance of our “Boots on the Ground” approach to designing protection that is scaled to perfectly fit your changing business.

EMA will start building a coverage strategy from day 1.

  1. Analysis — We will assess your entire operation and go through an extensive checklist and coverage review.
  2. The Plan – We build a “Plan” with clear goals and an implementation strategy.
  3. Maintain Compliance – We will monitor your operations to allow you to be confident about your coverage placement and changes that affect your business every single day.
  4. Reduce Incidents – A reduced incident rate will improve your productivity and improve the culture and morale of your workforce.
  5. Reduce Cost – Over time your your specifically designed risk management strategy will lower your Commercial Insurance costs, Experience Modification and contribute to your bottom line profit.