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The Overwhelming Need:

“Insurance brokers are the 200-year old problem, motivated by commission not service”

Paying higher and higher insurance premiums every year feels like a seemingly inevitable experience. At the very least, in exchange for those increased payments an organization and its leaders should be able to feel confident their business is adequately protected in the event of a loss. The problem is, many insurance customers’ confidence is false. They’re not aware the insurance and risk programs set up for their business may not respond the way they intended – if at all. When a company’s business strategy and their insurance program are out of alignment, substantial (and in many cases completely unknown) exposures often arise within the organization.

There are countless examples of organizations incurring major unpaid losses due to uncovered exposures. It impacts the company’s balance sheet, executive team, and the investors who put their trust in the organization. In most cases the company only finds out its exposed after a large uncovered claim – when it is too late to do anything about it.

At Eastern Michigan Agencies (EMA), our mission is to help organizations and their business leaders achieve success by identifying these unknown exposures and reducing or removing them. By aligning insurance and risk management with a company’s core business strategy, our structured approach reduces losses and premiums while enabling growth and increasing profitability.